Service Fee
New patient assessment and treatment £30
Routine podiatry treatment e.g. nails cut/reduced, removal of hard skin/corns etc £30
Verruca treatment (initial appointment including 1st treatment) £30
Verruca follow up appointments/treatments £25
Biomechanical assessment (musculo-skeletal) e.g. Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, neuroma £30
Orthotics – semi bespoke inserts for your shoes/trainers (prescribed from a biomechanical assessment) £50
Bespoke casted orthotics (orthotics made specifically for your feet from a cast) £100
Diabetic foot screening/health check £30
Children’s assessments e.g. developmental concerns, sports over-use injuries etc £30
In-growing toe nail removal using local anaesthetic £50
Home visits (for those patients who cannot make it to the clinic) up to 10 miles, over 10 miles a small additional cost applies £35